The steam engine, electricity, computers and the internet all revolutionized how we live and work, but equally dramatic changes are on the way. Today, we are facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also called Industry 4.0. This will reinvent how both organizations and society at large operate through the adoption of technology to generate, share, store and process data. We are already seeing increasingly sophisticated interconnections, digitization and information processing, as well as the emergence of the internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), particularly the internet, affects every part of our lives. No longer simply spectators, we can now be active participants in cyberspace and even creators of innovative, technology-based enterprises that disrupt traditional business models. Just look at the top e-commerce platform in Asia, which paradoxically does not own a single one of the products it sells. Or consider the leading system for selling airline tickets and hotel reservations, which does not operate a single plane or hotel. And what about the FinTech startups that are transforming savings and loan practices once dominated by giants in the banking and financial sector? These are just some of the companies revolutionizing business today.

We are at the leading edge

Such digital transformation has brought new challenges for society, and the world of law has also had to adapt. This has led to the development of ICT law—also known as computer law, cyberspace law or digital law—in response to the need to regulate, deregulate or re-regulate elements in this new, technology-based legal landscape.

Here at López Luna, we are committed to continuous change and innovation, and to providing effective legal services for the modern era. We specialize in several areas:

  • Telecommunications
  • Privacy and data protection
  • E-commerce
  • Enforcement and dispute resolution in digital contexts
  • Intellectual property
  • Internet governance
  • FinTech
  • Digital startups
  • ICT contracts

Through our services in these areas, we aim to provide comprehensive support and consulting for compliance, project execution and closing of transactions. When necessary, we also defend our clients’ interests before the appropriate authorities in Mexico.


Convinced that specialization is essential to provide professional services ethically and effectively, López Luna defends its clients’ interests in four specific fields: administrative law, civil law, commercial law and constitutional law.

Our experience in administrative litigation has focused on procedural representation before administrative and jurisdictional authorities, covering a wide range of matters: telecommunications, broadcasting, economic competition, intellectual property, outdoor advertising, consumer protection, health regulation, administrative liabilities of public officers, public procurement, expropriation, land use and compliance.

In the areas of civil law and commercial law, we have intervened primarily in lawsuits arising from electronic transactions and ICT contracts.

In constitutional law, we have served as counsels in “amparo” proceedings in civil and administrative matters, primarily concerning disputes in telecommunications, outdoor publicity, health regulation, expropriation, land use and compliance. We have also advised authorities in situations involving constitutional control procedures (“controversias constitucionales” and “acciones de inconstitucionalidad”).


Our commitment to continuous change and innovation keeps us at the forefront of legal services. We also believe in contributing to knowledge through the exchange of information and discussions on cutting-edge topics. That is why López Luna launched Digitalius.

Digitalius is a tool with two specific purposes:

First, it enables us to share relevant information on ICT law, computer law, cyberspace law, digital law and other legal aspects of today’s information society. Digitalius gathers and disseminates news about the digital age’s most important jurisdictional and doctrinal controversies and issues.

Second, Digitalius offers a forum for freely and respectfully expressing views about such digital-age developments. We believe that encouraging such discussions is vital for enriching our understanding of today’s most important ICT-related legal issues.

If you are interested in receiving issues of Digitalius, please click here to register (please review our privacy policy). And if you would like to share information for publication in Digitalius, please feel free to send it to us by email to digitalius@lopezluna.com (please review our terms of use). We appreciate your interest.

About Us

We are a boutique firm specializing in ICT law and administrative, civil, commercial and constitutional litigation. We provide legal services with a focus on both preventing and resolving conflicts, and always aim to protect our clients’ interests in an ethical, innovative, proactive and law-abiding manner.

As a boutique law firm, we are able to offer personalized and strategic legal assistance that is aligned to your objectives. We can assure you of timely solutions tailored to your unique needs, and strive to provide high-quality legal services that exceed expectations.

Paulo López Luna, director of the firm, obtained his bachelor’s degree in law and pursued specialized studies in administrative law at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Faculty of Law. He holds a diploma in ICT law from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) and a master’s degree in ICT law from the University of Oslo in cooperation with the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law.

As an attorney, Paulo López Luna has over fifteen years of experience advising clients from a diverse range of industries. He has handled numerous transactions in the fields of telecommunications, broadcasting, economic competition, privacy and data protection, dispute resolution in digital contexts, internet governance, e-commerce, FinTech, digital startups and intellectual property. He has also published many articles on ICT law and administrative law in specialized journals, and has led several conference presentations on such topics as “The right to be forgotten on the internet: Analysis of the Google Mexico case” and “Elaboration of ICT contracts”. Paulo López Luna also serves as a guest consultant with the Asociación de Internet.mx (formerly the Asociación Mexicana de Internet) and is a professor of administrative procedural law at the UNAM Faculty of Law.